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Influu takes all the necessary measures to protect the user’s privacy, in compliance with the legislation in force. This document details how we are going to collect, save, use, share and spread your personal datas.

Collected data

Aiming to offer the best navigation experience to the user, we use technologies to collect and save informations that are related to the user’s visits in the website and other platforms. This may include sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers that collect the datas related to the navigation preferences and the pages that were visited by the user. Thus, the website presentation sustains personalized and equalized to the personal interests of the user. The use of those data is restrict to the indicated goal and influu compromises itself to not use or allow the use of those data with another purpose. Besides that, the collection, saving and treatment of those data are completely automated, witch makes impossible the human contact with that material. The user can now and in the future, in case of disagreement with the cookies policy indicated above, use the navigator tools to stop the cookies’s installation and delete any existing cookie in you internet connection device.In this case, some of the website’s functionality may present mistakes.

To register and have access to influx’s benefits, the user must fulfill the registration form, that can be different according to the operations you want to do. Data as name, email, birth date, gender, city and telephone may be requested in the first moment but we can require more information in the future. The data provided by the users will be save and use by influx and people hired for the company, to offer products from the website or the platform, realize commercial transitions, process payments related to it, share data, send emails with offers, products, services and marketing campaigns, save the historic of interactions with the website, promote retargeting campaigns, personalize the website pages and verify the bank data willing to avoid fraud - those data will not be save. The data may be share with influu’s employees in the terms of this policy. The user is responsible, in the civil and criminal laws for the truth and updates of the provide data (including personal information) and influu exempts itself from any responsibility of damages occurred because of the incomplete, inaccurate or inexact registration of the register by the user, in any way or form, or also by the use of this register in an improper way for non authorized people or, for people that have in a direct or indirect way, obtained the user’s data to access the website and/or the platform, acting as if it was the user.

We will keep our database with all the informations related to the user’s access to the website and/or platform, including, but not limiting to the IP address, the access pages, the time and date of access and the devices that have been used. Those records can be use in intern and public investigations to inquire practices that may generate any lost to influu, including the practice of crimes in the virtual environment.

Data Use

Influu will use the registration data, specially the email address and the phone number of the user as a measure of contact, to send information about the registration, interactions with origin in the website/platform, such as, but not limited to transactional messages and publicity.

Saving Data

Influu compromises itself to keep all the capture and save data protected inside the security process clearly defined, update and secure systems. Limit the user access that not for a computerized and automated with historic generation of all the performed activities.

Data Deletion

If there is the necessity to remove data, the user must get in contact with influu’s customer service team, asking the data removal, considering the definitions that will be given by influu’s team. The user accepts that the data may be in the system for around 12 months, as a method in compliance with the legislation in force and future verifying needs.

Data Sharing

Influu does not commercialize, deliver or give the data to anyone that has not been previously defined and authorized by the user. Data may be share in an anonymous way only with an statistical purpose.