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  • Thaís Dias
  • 29/04/2019 17:39
  • Reading time: 3 minutes

Making a Collab at influu’s platform

How can you use the collab tool at the platform

There is, inside influu’s platform, there is a tool of collab. With it is possible to find the YouTube channels and Instagram Profiles that are matchball to create content together with you. To access the platform click here. As this is a new resource and it is available only in our platform, we have created this step by step guide to help you to use this tool. But before starting explaining, le...

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  • Thaís Dias
  • 26/04/2019 10:52
  • Reading time: 1 minute

How can you register your youtube channel at influu's platform?

Step by step guide

As we know that some questions about the use of influu’s platform may appear, we have decided to create some posts explaining how to use it. It is important to remember that our company is an ecosystem for digital influencers and, as such, wants to help in your professionalization.  Because of that, our platform gives you some advantages: 1 - A free media kit that is totally free and update aut...

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