influu has a platform for digital influencers. As we know that some doubts about our platform may exist, we have decided to create this Step by Step Guide to register at influu’s platform.

To begin to with let’s explain the reason that has made influu create this platform. Our company is an ecosystem for digital influencers and because of this has as goal to help in their professionalization.

influu has created the platform to help in the influencer’s professionalization. Because of that our platform gives some advantages to those professionals:

1 - A free media kit that is automatically updated  

2 - A Collab that works through the influencer’s wishes, combining them as a tinder.

But before you can enjoy all those advantages it is necessary to register. So let’s go to the step by step guide.

Registration at the Platform

The first step is to go into the platform. In the top right corner of the website that is the option “Create you Media Kit”. You can click on it or you can go straight to the link After you fulfill with your informations - name, last name, email and password - you just have to click on register. The image that will show it to you is this:

Our team will send immediately a confirmation email.  The email is the one that we will show in the picture and you will  just have to click on “Confirm Email”. Then it will be direct to the login page.

When you do your login, you will see a page of Basic Data. It is important to fulfill this with true informations. Remember that our platform has as its goal your professionalization, so you must write everything that it is real. The basic informations are: Name, Last Name, Email, Birth Date, Gender, Phone Number, Country and State. After that you fulfill them, you just have to click on “update”. Your registration is almost ready! Now it is the moment to add your social media to the platform.

To add the social media it is only necessary to click in the social media icon and add to the registration. If you will put Facebook, you will continue with your profile and we will “map” all the pages that are administered by you. Than you just have to select the ones that you wish and click on add. After that, this is going to be the next page:

Click on the pink button to end this part of the process and to start to select the categories in which your content belongs. After you do that, click in the botton that says "Dashboard".

Than it will be possible for you to see your data. To add more social media, click in the "+" in the in the upper left corner of the screen. Observation: it is only possible to register your instagram if you have a bussiness account. 

Now you are ready to enjoy everything that our platform may offer!



Thaís Dias do Carmo tem 25 anos, é formada em Letras português/italiano na USP e também é atriz. Na Influu atua na área de criação de conteúdo.