There is, inside influu’s platform, there is a tool of collab. With it is possible to find the YouTube channels and Instagram Profiles that are matchball to create content together with you.

To access the platform click here.

As this is a new resource and it is available only in our platform, we have created this step by step guide to help you to use this tool. But before starting explaining, let’s see what is a collab.


The name collab has its origins in the word collaboration. And as this word says by itself it is a work of collaboration among youtubers.

You do a collab when you invite one or more people - that are also influencers - to work with you in some videos. The idea is that you record, at least, two videos: one for your channel and one for the other youtuber’s channel.

As this is something that can help to increase the number of subscribers in a channel, it is important to choose well your partner. Choosing someone with a content that is similar to yours it is much smarter than you may think.

Supposing that you are a influencer that talks about games and wants to make a collab with an youtuber that discusses music.

Both of you are going to have a hard time trying to find a subject for the video. And even thought the final product is good it is still harder to get more subscribers. Because it is not just the quality of the video, not everybody that watches videos about music is interesting in games.

On the other hand, if you choose another gamer, the public of both of you have interest in games. Because of that it is easier to attract the audience from one to another.

That is why influu’s collab works as a matcher. Our system will see what your interests are and then we are going to match you with someone similar.

How to use it?

1 - Register yourself in the platform. If you have any question, this post will help you

2 - Select Collab

3 - Select what social media and how are the numbers of the influencer that you wanna work with

The social media that are available to collab are YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. It is also possible to choose only collaborators that live in the same state as you and if you accept to be paid to record the video.

4 - Accept or reject the collab options

The platform will show some anonymous pictures that fit your requirements. If the channel that has been chosen by you also wants to do a collab with you, an email will be send it to both. This is the moment in which you will know who is the other person and then you can scaduall the collab.


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