influu has a platform for digital influencers. As you may have some questions about it, we have decided to make a step by step guide. But first it is important to explain for what reason influu has created this platform.

Our company is an ecosystem for digital influencers. So it is our aim to help you in your professionalization. So the platform may help in some ways:

1 - We offer a media kit for free that is automatically update. This is very important when a brand is contacting you;

2 - The collab is defined by the influencers wishes. We connect you with another person with the same interests;

3 - We have a tool to make the giveaways easier;

4 - Besides that, you can have your own linksrun. With this, it is possible to have all your links on your instagram bio. Very nice, right?

So, we are going to have a lot of texts about the platform, and hopefully we are going to solve all your questions. All of the possibilities will have a step by step. But, you can get in contact with us through our instagram or through the platform.

Step by step

In the login page, you have to click on reset (You can access on this link)

Then write your email and click again on reset:

This image will show up. Click on “OK” and go into your email

To reset password

On your email click on the button “Reset Password”

Create a new password and click on “Update”. That is it. You have a new password.