As we know that some questions about the use of influu’s platform may appear, we have decided to create some posts explaining how to use it. It is important to remember that our company is an ecosystem for digital influencers and, as such, wants to help in your professionalization.  Because of that, our platform gives you some advantages:

1 - A free media kit that is totally free and update automatically (

2 - A Collab tool that works through the combination of the influencers wishes

If you have not register yourself at influu's platform do it now. And enjoy everything that we can offer for you. 

Now let's move on for today's step by step guide. This will be specially helpfull for those that work - or want to work - with YouTube. 

Register your YouTube Channel

Open the platform and click on “login” (you may just click here). Type your login and password:

After that, fulfill all the informations that appear in the image below (birth date, gender, phone number, country and state) and click on “update”.

It will appear a page in which you must select what is your main social media. Click in the image that is most relate to it:

Confirm the email that is use in this social network. And to end up, select the tags (maximum 5) that have more relation with your content and click on “update”. After that select the category and click on “update” one more time. That is it. Your channel have been registered.



Thaís Dias do Carmo tem 25 anos, é formada em Letras português/italiano na USP e também é atriz. Na Influu atua na área de criação de conteúdo.