influu’s Platform

As you know, influu has as its main goal the influencers professionalization. Because of that, we believe  that you must have the ways to create your media kit through influu’s platform. You even may already have your media kit, but influu can offer some advantages for you. Besides that, it is important to to emphasize a fact: it is totally free. Another advantage is that when you create a media kit in influu’s Platform, you guarantee the automatic update.

Daily our robots are getting into the system to make the data analyse. Therefore, your numbers are always going to be update. In other words we may say that everytime a company gets in touch with you, your presentation will be ready to be sent.

But, what is a media kit?

A media kit is your commercial presentation. That is a formal documentation about your content, you and also your public. The more information you put on your media kit, the better will be your relationship with brands. Besides that, your data must be always update. As an example of things that a brand may request is your current number of followers.

How can you create your Media Kit through influu’s Platform?

The first step is to go to the platform website:

If you have not done your registration yet, click on the button “Register”. Complete the informations with your name, last name, email and password. You will soon receive our confirmation email and after that it is just a matter to complete your registration. To avoid doubts, you may follow our step by step guide on how to register in our platform.

After it is complete, you have to add your social media. And then it is possible to start your Media Kit.

First Step: in the upper right corner of the screen you can click on “Create my media kit”;

Second Step: To define your media Kit URL

Third Step: Write all your informations.

In “Exhibition Name”, write the name of your channel/blog.

The “about” is a place in which you can write about your content in a short but precisely way. It is important to be a short text but that makes it clear what is your type of creation.

To make the research criteria easy your must choose if you are a youtuber, blogger or instagrammer. However that doesn’t mean that your media kit must only have to have data about this area.

As a matter of fact, it is fundamental that your write about all your medias. In the right side of the screen you can sign what are the campaign formats and actions that may be performed by you.

And, in the bottom of the page, it is the place to talk about your experiences. What are the most important cases of your career? What brands have already worked with you? Have media ever talked about you? Don’t forget to choose an avatar. It is a picture that is going to be in the cover of your media kit.

Now you are ready to your next campaign!



Thaís Dias do Carmo tem 25 anos, é formada em Letras português/italiano na USP e também é atriz. Na Influu atua na área de criação de conteúdo.