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More than an agency
A digital influencer ecosystem

We know that the content marketing made by digital influencers is way more interesting and eficiente than the traditional marketing. And now we want the world to know it too. This is our function.

As the influencer marketing is not that much known (yet), we have been organizing events and have been written in our blogs and social media about this universe that is always expanding. Ah, and we also help the influencers to get in touch with brands.


Knowing is the way to do. We maintain a periodic content creation in text, audio and video - feeding all the types of the market.


We connect influencers, companies and professionals from the Market. Only with the integration among people it is possible to create a favorable Market to everyone.


By managing campaigns and opening space in the market, we seek effective and fast monetization to as many influencers as possible.


The company has been created on december 2016 to supply a high demand from a Chinese client, who needed influencers to spread his service in Brazil. In 18 months the campaign has paid 2 million reais to influencers and for that we have decided to continue in the area.

Our performance is balanced mainly among Chinese and Brazilian clients. We also have made campaigns with Mexican and Argentinian influencers. The goal is to attend any type of client.


We want to be recognized as a "Influencers Ecosystem". Our goal is to help in the professionalization and to capacitate the influencers through meetings, courses and networking. We want that our registered influencers may deliver a good ROI to the advertisers.

We believe in the campaign that is well planned and that has a good directing. The dialogue among all the parts must be clear to make sure that the influencer will deliver what the company wants, but Always respecting the individuality of the content creator and his/her public. Our role is to find a language that can pleased both sides of the negotiation.